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SPARQ's Manifesto

The team at SPARQ is on a mission to accelerate the collaboration process within our communities; as we believe that we can all prosper by working together.


Victor Is Encouraging Writing In Youths

There has never been a better time to encourage youths to write more in Asia, and Victor is all out to change that starting at the kindergarten. He has since used SPARQ to bring writers together to think about ways to move his ideas forward.

Chintha Is Starting An Urban Farm

Chintha wanted to change where we farm our foods and how all of us can start to grow our food in the cities. Through SPARQ, she managed to bring together collaborators and an investor to ideate on what is possible.

Fan Is Starting A Website Builder

An entrepreneur and techie at heart, Fan is continuously trying to push the boundaries of tech by implementing new technologies for his latest project. Fan brought together techies from the community, using SPARQ, to discuss what is possible with the next generation of a website builder.

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